Unlock the 3 Keys to Unleashing a Deep Soul Connection.


You are longing for something deeper...

The search for something more occupies your mind space more than anything else these days. 

And all of the transitions in your life, they often feel like too much to bear.  

What you truly crave is knowing who you are, and to be genuinely connected to your soul. 

And your ultimate desire is total clarity on why you are here and what you are meant for.  

If this is calling to you, I invite you to join me for my all new course...

In this course, you will learn how to :  

Connect with 3 specific elements of nature to awaken and activate your intuitive knowing  

Heal your past, present and future through the 7 Powers of the Soul 

Create a sacred practice to remember who you are at the soul level

Angela Blaha Pure Consciousness Mentor  

Meet Angela Blaha, a pure consciousness mentor, who focuses on helping people through the ascension process; ultimately finding inner peace, life balance and a deeper connection to their soul-self. Angela is the author of Show Me: How to Remember Your Power Through Self-love and Forgiveness and best selling co-author of The Grandmother Legacies.  

I cannot wait to connect with you and help you start the process of becoming the essence of all that you want!