Receive Clarity around deep life questions... 

Why you are here

What is your soul path?

How to access the energy field

Where thoughts and emotions come from  

And so much moreā€¦  

Each day you will receive an email detailing each of the souls 7 powers. 

There will be instructions & experiments all guiding you to unify the mind body and soul. 

And the 7 powers of the soul can help catapult your life, career, business and relationships to blissful levels!  

This is not for those who are newly awakening...

This is for those who are truly ascending! 

This Is for spiritual leaders and truth seekers! 

This is for those who are here to change the world and raise the level of consciousness. 

This is for influencers, impact makers and truth creators! 

Angela Blaha Meet Angela Blaha, a pure consciousness mentor, who focuses on helping people through the ascension process; ultimately finding inner peace, life balance and a deeper connection to their soul-self. Angela is the author of Show Me: How to Remember Your Power Through Self-love and Forgiveness and best selling co-author of The Grandmother Legacies.